Parcines near Merano/Meran: events, hiking, cycling

Experiences everywhere

When you pack your suitcase for your holiday near Merano with us at Guesthouse Karnatsch in Parcines, the first thing you should think about bringing is… plenty of time! There is a lot to experience, explore and discover all around us in both summer and winter. Every little corner here captivates the eye and is meant to be enjoyed with all your senses!

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From summer love

If you want to get the most out of your rucksack and hiking boots, you’ve come to the right place. In Parcines, you can hike directly from the front door. The Waalwege trails are easy, but if you’re looking for a bigger challenge, the Meraner Höhenweg high mountain trail is a great option. In the Texel Group Nature Park, you can enjoy wonderful bike excursions, or you can bike along the cycle path next to the Etsch, which is part of the Claudia Augusta cycle path. Would you rather bike in a group? There are several guided bike tour providers close by. And we ourselves are real bike fans and know the area like the back of our hand. You can also park your bike in our lockable bike room, wash it or repair it if necessary. No matter what you decide to do, there’s no doubt it will be exciting!

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To winter lust

Look out the window toward the snow-covered mountains in the morning during your winter holiday near Merano and you’ll feel your heart swell with excitement for the day ahead. It is only about half an hour’s drive to one of the nearby ski areas (Merano 2000, Vigiljoch, Schwemmalm, Schnalstal Glacier). After a day in the snow, how about a trip to the festive Merano Christmas market? Sounds good, doesn’t it?

What’s going on here?

Our Guesthouse Karnatsch is the ideal starting point for all kinds of events in Merano and the surrounding area. Of course, our home village Parcines has a lot to offer, but there is much more to experience in the spa town of Merano, which you can reach in just 10 minutes by car. From the International Wine Festival to the traditional Grape Festival, from cosy garden nights at Trauttmansdorff to street art festivals, you can find (almost) everything here!

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Do you already know Merano?
We don’t want to give too much away …

… after all, we highly recommend that you explore the small but well-known South Tyrolean spa town on your own. Even Empress Sissi of Austria loved Merano’s mild Mediterranean climate and strolled up and down the promenades. Back in her day, however, there were not so many hip little boutiques or traditional shops that now line the picturesque arcades of the old town, inviting you for some window shopping. Merano also has a lot to offer culturally, which is hardly surprising given its eventful history. Numerous museums, monuments, churches and other buildings have fascinating stories to tell. Immerse yourself in Merano’s city life and get to know some of the lovable aspects of the spa town.